Driving Licence Category: B+E (Car and Trailer)

About the course

This training package leads up to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) test as required by new drivers passing their car (B) test since 1st January 1997. A "training and testing" package can be carried out using a College vehicle and trailer, with testing at one of the local DVSA (LGV) test centres, usually Kirkham near Preston or Blackburn. The first session may be designed as an assessment, by which the Instructor is better able to discuss further training required to make up a suitable package to the candidate's needs. Alternatively, we have a range of package options varying in length that can be booked initially. Candidates will be trained to the expected higher standards of observation, driving and reversing skills demanded of the test.

The DVSA test requirements are fairly intense and in order to pass you will be required to raise your driving skills to an 'LGV' level. The test lasts for approximately one and a half hours and will include a competence in uncoupling and coupling the trailer, a reverse park exercise, braking/park at the roadside, questions on vehicle safety and maintenance and around 50 minutes of road driving with a DVSA -LGV/PSV examiner.

Training is delivered in 3 or 6 hour sessions and can be booked either on a weekly basis or a condensed block both leading up to the DVSA test which is arranged for you as part of the package and included in the package fee. The times for these are 9-12 or 1-4, others times may be available on request.

This training is available throughout the year with extra charges made for weekends and bank holiday delivery

Entry Criteria / Additional Information

Despite the law being very clear for B+E there is still a great deal of confusion around the vehicle and trailer weight requirements that determine whether B+E category is needed for certain vehicles. The important point to note is that it the potential weight that a vehicle and trailer can carry, MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass) and not the 'actual road weight' figure that is used.

The requirements can be found on the direct.gov web page as below:


Candidates must hold a current Full driving licence for a car. You do not need to bring your own towing vehicle and trailer as all the training and testing is better suited to the College vehicle. The course layout may be suited to 2 candidates being able to attend for the whole day if coming from a company/business.

From June 8th 2015, you will only be required to bring to both the training and the DVSA test your plastic card driving licence, the paper counterpart will no longer have any legal status. This check is now carried out online

To do this you will also need to provide your National Insurance number. Please make sure you know this or can bring it to the first session.

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