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City & Guilds Level 1 Diploma Land-based Studies (Agriculture)

City & Guilds Level 1 Diploma Land-based Studies (Agriculture)

About the course

The Level 1 Diploma provides an introduction into agriculture, with a focus on the care, health and management of livestock and crops and an introduction to machinery operations. The aim of the course is to develop the basic practical skills that are required on a farm this will be through a series of practical and written assessments.

This is a popular course with school leavers who have an interest in the outdoors.


Course modules

Year 1

Safe and effective working practices in land-based industries

Learners will learn to, use, maintain & store tools & equipment, following safe working practices

Carry out tractor operations

Learners will learn to prepare and operate a tractor and trailer.

Assist with the care of animals

Learners will be able to feed and water the animals, identify reproduction requirements and collect marketable animal products.

Preparing to work in the land-based industries

Learners will identify career routes within the land-based industries, and prepare CV and job applications

Assist with the maintenance of structures and surfaces in the countryside

Learners will assist in the maintenance of a stock-proof fence, gates and styles, and maintain an access route.

Assist with establishment of plants and sites in the countryside

Learners will prepare sites for planting, carry out plant protection and undertake management of small trees in woodland areas.

Introduction to wildlife and conservation

Learners will learn to recognise a range of habitats, plants and animal species found in the UK.

Entry requirements & additional information

Entry requirements

This course covers practical skills and relevant background knowledge. Students are normally aged 16 or over, academic qualifications are not essential, but some level of ability in Maths and English is important along with a keen interest in the subject. Some practical knowledge of agriculture is desirable.

Learning and assessment

Assessment of technical qualifications is a mixture of practical assessment of skills and written assignments marked internally by the teaching team, together with externally marked examinations that combine the knowledge of all mandatory units. The assessments and exams are spread throughout the course of the year.


Students who successfully complete the course may wish to study full time at Myerscough. Students may also enter an apprenticeship through college.


Assistant farm-workers

Agricultural supply business assistants

Special requirements

Protective clothing should include a boiler suit, work gloves, waterproof coat, waterproof trousers and sensible outdoor footwear. Steel toe capped boot/wellingtons. Tetanus vaccination up to date.

Costs that are mandatory for the course:

Steel toe-capped boots or wellington boots – approx. £25

Protective overalls – approx. £25

Waterproof coat and leggings – approx. £50

Hi visibility bib-approx. £10

Costs that are optional for the course:

There may be opportunity to go on daytrips to shows and farms.

Our own dairy cows
Our own dairy cows


Myerscough College is one of the leading institutions for Agriculture in the UK. Our courses will help prepare you for a career in the industry, by combining relevant background skills with the knowledge of crop and livestock technology as well as business enterprise.

There is currently a significant demand for highly trained and well educated professionals to enter the industry. This has been fuelled by the increasing awareness that food production, farming, tourism, the environment and rural affairs are all interconnected.

Nicola Chappelhow
Nicola Chappelhow

They say: Nicola Chappelhow

"Myerscough gave me a great understanding of different types of agriculture and set me up nicely for my job as a milk recorder."


Oliver McEntyre.jpg
Oliver McEntyre.jpg

Alumni – Oliver McEntyre

To anyone looking to study Agriculture or Countryside at Myerscough College, I’d say go, embrace it & leave with the knowledge that the qualification will stay with you for the rest of your career and open doors that might not have been opened without the time and experience Myerscough offers.

Meet Oliver